Diet Help Required

If you have read any of my previous posts you will notice that I’m a beginner runner and have been working hard at it (in my head I have anyway).

I now have a goal which is great as it is giving me something to think about and aim for and also gives me motivation to get out and run. Which is the main thing for me at teh moment. I am really loving getting out of the house and going running!! Can’t believe I’m actually saying that.

Some runs are better than others. But I am guessing that is the same with most people. After reading plenty of blog posts I have realised my diet is…how do i say… rubbish, unhealthy and basically no good for me?  This is not something new to me.

When I started out I wasn’t too serious due to the fact I did not think I would last One week let alone over 10 weeks. So I have been still eating whatever I want and pretty much whenever i want! Some healthier choices have been made but not as many as i should. This is definitley not good when it’s a run day as I recently found out 3 days ago when I threw up 3km into a run. Ewwww.

So I now need to work out what foods are best for me and my stomach. I’m a fussy eater, have acid reflux and also suffer occasionally from IBS. (Lucky me). The bad foods are what seem to be ok and agree with my stomach (hence why i eat rubbish!).

Some posts i have read have helped me make healthier choices but my problem is … I know nothing about nutrition, bad fats, good fats etc. When I say nothing I mean I just don’t get it (at all).

If anyone can share their wisdom or diet advice with me I am all ears. If it’s a long message you can always email me at

Any help or advice you can give to help me with my journey will be much appreciated

Diet 1

Happy Running

Fatso 40

Great Day for a run

Today was perfect for a run. I have the day off work so no rushing around and waiting until dusk before going out for a run. Setting off it was a bit dull weather wise but other than that was OK.

Did my usual 5 minute walk warm up with Laura (NHS Couch to 5k app). Set off with my jog as instructed but something felt a little different today, i thought nothing of it and carried on. When Laura instructed me to go back to walk I thought “I don’t want to!” but i did as she suggested.

The sun rose its head from behind the clouds and it was time to run again (according to Laura). This time my running didnt stop until Laura had told me to walk twice. It just felt so right and so good!

I’m not sure if it was the time of the day, no stress to get rid of from the day or just that i’m getting used to running a little more but today was a “great day for a run”.


Happy Running


Do you need a goal?

Working towards a goal is not for me.. or so I thought.


For the past couple of months I have been trying to get healthier through running and also shed a few pounds on the way. Since beginning my journey although a bit tough at times I have enjoyed every minute and love how it makes me feel.

But..…  I seem to have hit a bit of a wall. I say bit as I’m still getting out running but something just isn’t the same. Have I had enough? (No way).  Do I need a goal? The journey started out with nothing other than getting healthier but as I’m getting further in, I may need something to focus my attention and help me when my motivation is low? I’m sure you can relate to this in some way?

During a debate with … MYSELF it got me thinking and questioning my reasons for running and what do I want out of it?

Questions like:

  • Is it the Length of time running without stopping?
  • Is it the Distance covered?
  • Do I want to be Entering races / Events?
  • Is it a fixed amount of weight loss I’m aiming for?
  • Do I want weekly weight loss goals?
  • Do I even want to run at all?
  • Lots more but not got time to write them all down.

My answer to these questions was I have no goal weight but would like to be able run a 10k race around April / May next year with a time of around 1hr 20.


So what do I need to do to get to that goal? I struggled with this at first but I finally made the decision to set some S.M.A.R.T goals for the rest of this year but make it simple enough to be able to progress without doing too much to put me off running altogether. There is the possibility to get to my goal sooner but at least I now have something to focus on:

May 2016 – Continue with the couch to 5k programme & join the local Parkrun

June 2016- Continue with the Couch to 5k programme & Join the Sweatshop Running Community.

July 2016 – Continue with the Couch to 5k Programme

August 2016 – Continue running to get the time down to sub 35mins.

September 2016 – Continue running to get the time down to sub 35mins.

October 2016 – Complete a 5k race with a time of sub 35 minutes.

November 2016 – start a 5k to 10k Programme.


Does this sound ok? Maybe looks too easy?

I run on my own all the time. Could this be an issue? Is it better to have a running partner or running with a group? What do you think? Please let me know your thoughts. I’m still learning and every comment counts.  You can email if you don’t want to leave a reply or Tweet me @fatso40

Goal 2

Happy Running

Fatso 40

FATSO 40 Update

Thursday 5th May. 5 km –  44 minutes. The reason i added this date and time was because its the furthest i have run probably ever. Great weather for running lately, and going out after 7pm I find is the perfect conditions for me. Not too warm, not too cold and not many people about.

I’m trying to get myself to a position where i can do my local Park Run and not holding everyone up. (I am due to go next weekend). I still haven’t got myself to the stage where I can go out and not feel uncomfortable or like people are looking and taking the P***. Saying that I do look forward to getting out and running / walking. Not sure I can call myself a runner quite yet but I think I’m getting there.

Back pain still with me. It seems to be when I hit 3.5 km to 4 km. I try to push through but sometimes I have to fast walk as the pain is too much. Someone mentioned to Strengthen my Hamstrings which should help so that is my next task. I’m leaning so much and wish I had the time to put it all to paper but with work commitments and family issues I just haven’t found the time. Once work clams down again i’m sure I will be able to do it.

Oh nearly forgot I have lost another 7 lb which is an amazing feeling. That is a total of 21 lb in 2 months.

 just run



Not the fastest

So I’m not the fastest walker / runner but I feel I’m making more progress every day.
I’m sticking with mainly walking for now but I keep adding runs in there. I still have the couch to 5k app but to be fair I struggled at week 4 so i have gone back to doing it myself. Running when I feel I can (which is way more than I expected). I’m getting out and doing 4km in 32 mins 5 times per week, which is not the fastest but still progress (and I am very happy with it).
I’ve decided i will  join the sweatshop running community after talking with a couple of members and the pleasant and very helpful staff at Sweatshop Castleford. They gave me some worthwhile advice and said I could join the runners whenever I wanted (although Thursday is probably best for beginners) which I thought was right down my street (literally). My first outing with them will be in 2 Week’s time due to work commitments this week and next!  
I am looking for the best way to build on my core as I keep getting lower back ache. If anyone knows of any great websites where I can find more out or even a good workout please message me or leave a comment. I would be much appreciative.
To all the marathon runners this weekend YOU are my inspiration keep up the good work. Good luck and enjoy the run.


Attention fellow fatties!

Good day fellow fatties.

This is for all you people that want to walk / run / get healthy / lose weight but do not think you can. YOU CAN.

I would like to tell you about my way and hopefully this might work for / help you on your journey.

Different diets have come and gone. I have tried high carb, low carb, no carb, weight watchers, slimming world and most worked for a short time but it never lasted and the weight went back on and some!!

2 months ago I decided enough is enough and now spring is coming / here it’s time to change. Most people are probably thinking “heard this before” but I have never felt as positive as I do about the way I have gone about it. First of all I downloaded a few walking / running Apps for my phone. The first 5 times I went for a walk which wasn’t too far and I took the same route all 5 times to test each App and see how accurate the GPS was. I will share my reviews in another post.

Being out in the fresh air was great and as I wasn’t out there for any other reason than testing the App’s, so there was no pressure or anything and I took my time.

Once I found the App I liked which was RunKeeper I knew I needed to get myself a plan. My plan consisted of getting out 3 – 4 times per week for 20 to 30 minutes but if it was only for 10 minutes this was fine as it was the HABIT that I needed to get into and not the physical training.

After 2 weeks of getting out walking I found myself walking a little faster and pushing myself to go a little further. Then a little further. Another 2 weeks passed and I was walking 4km in a time around 40 minutes. This is me who thought I would have given up after 1 – 2 weeks. AND I had lost 6lb in weight in the process. Nothing in my diet changed and I was still eating rubbish. I have started looking into my diet and I have started trying to make healthier choices (not give up food because I love it too much). Unfortunately I do suffer from Acid Reflux and have allergies to some foods mainly the good things like fruit and vegetables. So the diet side of things I am still trying to get to grips with. (I will save the diet and diet issues for another post).

Due to enjoying my time out of the house and tracking my walks I downloaded the NHS Choices Couch to 5k podcast for a little bit of motivation while I’m out and I have started following the calls which consists of interval walking/running. Week 1 is 1 min run with 1 min 30 seconds walk and this builds up over 9 weeks until you are running for a full 30 minutes. If you struggle with a week you can go back and do the week before until you feel comfortable to move to the next week. I am currently starting week 3 run 1 but if I feel I can keep up or even continue running then I do but if I don’t then I don’t.

So far so good. My starting weight was 13st 8lb now I am 12st 8lb. I have lost 14lb in the last 7 weeks in Total and I don’t even feel like I have been trying (I haven’t been trying). This is why just getting out and getting into the habit of being out is the way forward. It’s difficult to break a habit once it’s set in. Take quitting smoking it isn’t the nicotine or the other elements but the habit which is hardest to surpass.

If I can do it any one can and yes that includes YOU.

Get your comfy shoes / trainers on and go for a walk. START NOW and let me know how you get on.